All too often we see on-site overlay solutions done wrong, causing a user experience that is far from optimal. While the best way to work with overlays should be customized to fit the individual brand and product, here are some tips and tricks to getting the most out of your overlays.

August 13, 2019 // Katrine Andersen 

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By including a time limit to your offer you will create a sense of urgency and make it more difficult for your visitor to say no to what you’re offering.


Contrary to popular opinion, “offering something” doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to give a discount. “Something” can also be in the form of exclusive access to content, VIP benefits, or tailored content based on visitor behavior. Be creative and figure out what works best for your brand and target group.


Mobile-friendly overlays that never cover the entire screen, allow space to view content, and are easy to close will create the best user experience and will not affect the SEO ranking of your website. Therefore, the best tactic is to design a mobile specific version of your overlay and to make sure it is not intrusive.


Monitor the results of your overlays and the overall performance of your website to make sure you get the expected results and that there is nothing unexpected happening. Remember to look at overall KPI’s and not just a single metric to get the full overview of how new solutions are impacting the performance of your website. 

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Triggering an overlay as soon as a visitor lands on your website or showing the same overlay during every session is rarely the best tactic. Consider timing and using user activity on the page – such as mouse movement or inactivity – to present your message at the most relevant time.


Most overlays do not belong on the checkout pages as they will present a disturbance to the conversion flow.  However, certain messages or offers may be relevant at this point in the user journey, such as an Abandoned Basket solution.


When asking visitors for information about themselves, such as in a Lead Generation campaign, make sure to limit the number of fields you ask the user to fill out. Typically, the more fields a user is presented with, the higher the drop-off rate. Consider what data is necessary to collect the submission, and what can wait until a later time.


Even if you use targeted content and well thought out triggers, some users still might not want to engage with your overlay. By providing these visitors with a clear and easy option to close the campaign, you will be minimizing any potential disturbance. Ignore this advice, and you risk users closing your website all together and not coming back.

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