Targeting visitors with customized campaigns you are able to reach different types of goals & KPI’s, such as generating more leads, inspiring your visitors with product recommendations, promoting special offers to relevant visitors, and avoiding potential customers leaving the website without purchasing.


This solution is typically used to generate newsletter submissions – but can also be used for B2B leads or other types of sign-ups. When working with Lead Generation, the most important thing is to make sure that the campaign fits the customer journey and does not become an irritation for the user or interfere with conversion.

We focus on creating a campaign combining design, rules, and prioritization logic to create a customer experience that aligns with our clients’ brands. Messaging can focus on an incentive, such as a discount or gift with purchase, but other motivations can prove to be equally effective. We often recommend split testing to find the message that works best for our client’s specific target group and markets.

Combine your lead generation activities with data-enrichment. SiteCampaign integrates directly with a long list of email service providers and CRM systems, but if your system isn’t on the list, our team of developers will set up a custom API to make sure you get the leads and data you need. We also offer custom API setups if another solution is preferred.

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This campaign is focused on preventing users who have added something to their basket from leaving the website without completing their purchase. The message in the campaign varies based on the brand and industry, but will typically feature a sense of urgency or an incentive such as a discount, free shipping, or gift-with-purchase.

It is also possible to segment or differentiate the message shown to users based on specific data about the visitor. This includes information such as which category product they have in their basket, the total value of items in the basket at time of exit, time since last purchase, or geographical location of the visitor. The Abandoned Basket solution is not limited to traditional e-commerce websites – but can be used to address any exit intent during a any type of booking or conversion flow.


The Product Slider SiteCampaign is extremely flexible, and is typically used to inspire or motivate visitors who have stalled or paused to continue on their customer journey. We track on-site behavior to identify those who fail to find the items or information they are looking for, giving us an opportunity to inspire, inform, up-sell, and cross-sell. All Product Sliders are personalized and can be segmented based on a long list of data attributes.

The content typically features product recommendations based on browsing history or specific products and categories a client wants to push to visitors. Other options for content include featuring special deals and offers active on the website, previously browsed items for returning visitors, newly added blog posts, links to product guides, or other relevant content from your website.

Regardless of the chosen content, the Product Slider offers a proactive and easy-to-use way to push content to your visitors at the most relevant moment in their customer journey.

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Typically we see that the majority of visitors don’t enter the website through the front page, which is typically where important offers or information is promoted. This means that a big portion of your visitors are missing out on important information that could help increase conversion rates, time-on-site, and average order value.

The Promotion Push SiteCampaign provides you with a customized solution that allows you to highlight specific content to specific segments all across your website, be it new collections, relevant offers or information that could drive decisions. Activating this content can make a huge difference in keeping visitors from bouncing and instead nudging them to convert.


At SiteCampaign we strive to always find the right solution for our clients. This means that no two solutions are identical, and we are always developing new ways to solve our clients’ challenges on their websites.

Whether you want to engage visitors during the Christmas season or develop a Product Guide to help your visitors understand your offering – SiteCampaign is ready to help you find a solution. 

Have a challenge in mind that you’d like help solving? Reach out to have a chat about how we can help.

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